North Lake Tahoe Locals Boat Club
RAB-2 Boat

Join the Rent A Boat’s North Lake Tahoe Boat Club!


Do you dream of owning a boat but want to avoid the hassles that come with it? The North Lake Tahoe Boat Club is the perfect solution for you! Enjoy the freedom of boating without the worries of maintenance, storage, or depreciation.


Standard Boat Club Membership: $2,250 per summer

Luxury Boat Club Membership: $6,000 per summer


Exclusive Benefits:

  • Enjoy worry-free access to a fleet of top-quality boats.
  • Includes 3 full days of boat rentals each summer.
  • Option to add additional rental days as needed.
  • Convenient and flexible rental scheduling.
  • Affordable membership rates to suit your budget.

Experience the joy of boating on beautiful Lake Tahoe with our well-maintained, ready-to-go boats. Whether it’s for fishing, leisure cruising, or water sports, we have the perfect boat to meet your needs.

Join our club today and embark on endless adventures on the water!

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CALL: 775 443 4089


What does the membership include?

Membership includes three full days of boat rentals. These days can be used either consecutively or as individual rentals within the same summer season.

How do I book my rental days?

You will need to select one of your three days at the time of booking. The remaining days can be booked at a later time, subject to availability. Dates are first come, first served, and we cannot guarantee dates without a confirmed reservation.

Can I share my membership?

Yes, members can share their membership with up to one family.

What happens if I need to cancel a rental day?

If you cancel one of your days within 7 days of your rental date, you will forfeit that day.

Can I add more rental days?

  • Standard Boat Club: Additional days can be added for $750 per day.
  • Luxury Boat Club: Additional days can be added for $2,000 per day.

What are the rental hours?

The boat rental time frame is between 8am-6pm.

Are there any additional charges?

  • Members are responsible for fuel. We will invoice you for the refill and charge the card on file.
  • There is a damage deposit of $2,000 each time the boat is rented.
  • Wakeboards and water skis can be added for $60 each.
  • A large 2-person tube can be added for $75.
  • You can add a licensed captain for $60 per hour.

Are boats equipped with safety equipment?

Yes, boats have all the necessary safety equipment. If you have children under the age of 12, please let us know in advance so we can provide life vests.

What is allowed on the boat?

  • Food, beverages, and alcohol are permitted.
  • No drinking and driving.
  • No pets allowed.

Are there any requirements to become a member?

Members must pass a boater’s safety test and a driver’s test, which will be conducted with one of our licensed captains.

How do I become a member?

Call us at 775 443 4089 to become a member and start enjoying the benefits of the Rent A Boat’s North Lake Tahoe Boat Club!

Standard Boat Club Boats

21′ Open Bow Power Boat

Size: 21 Foot

Capacity: 8 max

CALL TO BECOME A MEMBER: (775) 443-4089

23′ Open Bow Power Boat

Size: 23 Foot

Capacity: 10 max

CALL TO BECOME A MEMBER: (775) 443-4089

Luxury Boat Club Boats
25' Premier Pontoon

Size: 25 Foot

No Water Sports Available On This Boat

Capacity: 13 max

CALL TO BECOME A MEMBER: (775) 443-4089

28' Cobalt Premier

Size: 28 Foot

Capacity: 13 max

CALL TO BECOME A MEMBER: (775) 443-4089

2022 Luxury Yacht Cobalt R8

Size: 28 Foot

Capacity: 14 max

CALL TO BECOME A MEMBER: (775) 443-4089

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