Emerald Bay Boat Charter

Emerald Bay is a must-see while vacationing in Lake Tahoe, and there is no better way to experience Emerald Bay than by boat. It’s about a 45 minute to an hour cruise down to the bay from North Lake. Along the way you’ll pass the beautiful shoreline of Sugar Pine Point State Park, Meeks Bay and D. L. Bliss State Park. Once you’re there, you will experience the tall, breathtaking mountains with Fannette Island in the middle.

Fannette Island is Lake Tahoe’s only island with a small castle-like stone structure known as the “tea house”. The tea house was constructed during the same time frame as the well known Vikingsholm around 1928-1929. The first owner who occupied the tea house would spend her days getting rowed to and from the island to be served her tea there and with her guests. It was a simple structure with a small fireplace in the corner and a large table and four oak chairs occupying the middle. Today you can still see the stone structure of this majestic castle-like tea house. Also there is no dock, if you’d like to swim to the island there is a short hike to visit the tea house. Depending on the water level our captains can also take you to explore the Vikingsholm and hike to Lower Eagle falls!

Lake Tahoe is rich in history and our captains are very knowledgeable about Tahoe’s facts and love providing scenic, historic tours. Our captains are a lot of fun and will enhance your lake experience. On the way back you could anchor up, jump in or spend the afternoon enjoying a family picnic on your private boat along the beautiful West Shore. There are also several lakeside bars and restaurants you could stop at. You’ll have a perfect day on the boat full of beautiful adventures!


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